If I come to politics I will do this.. Vani Bhojan action..!

Actors from the small screen often make it to the silver screen with ease. But as far as actresses are concerned, only a few have come from the small screen and become heroines on the silver screen.

Actress Vani Bhojan is one of the leading actresses. Vani Bhojan rose to fame with her first lead role in the Tamil film Oh My God.

Actor Ashokselvan played the lead role in this movie. After that movie, actress Vani Bhojan continues to get film opportunities. Vani Bhojan has been getting important roles even in movies with big story structures.

Web in the series Entry:

Vani Bhojan is also acting in a web series. While speaking in an interview about this web series called Sinhala, he talked about some important things.

When he said that when the director told me the story of this film, he said that you have been given the role of a mother to Chinna Basan. But when I watched the shooting, I realized that the actor who played my son in the film was older.

And the director who told me what the story was till the break never told me what the story was after the break I asked many times but he never told me. He said that he can take care of the shooting.

series Regarding Update:

Vani Bhojan has said that think for yourself how the story would be if that is the case. His saying this has made many people interested.

Many people asked me in shock whether I am playing a mother of two children while acting in this serial. But it doesn’t matter whether we play mother or grandmother in the story.

vani bhojan 1.webpvani bhojan 6

The story is very important if I had not acted in this story I would have missed it a lot. Actor Vidharth plays an important role in this. He told me that if he acts, it will be an important story. After watching this series, many people asked me if I would join politics.

My father scolded me for saying yes. If a man had said the same thing, they would not have taken it seriously. That is why I am answering yes in many places.

Vani Bhojan had said that maybe if I come to politics, I will bring free education first. But they are replying that there is already free education in Tamilnadu.

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