If they say congratulations.. they say thank you immediately.. it will not be good.. China threatened India

If they say congratulations they say thank you immediately it

Beijing: Taiwan’s president congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA coalition for its victory in the parliamentary elections, causing a major international controversy. Also, China is wondering how Prime Minister Narendra Modi can thank the Taiwan President for his greetings.

China is constantly striving to establish itself as an unrivaled power in Asia. For this, China is asking other countries in Asia to obey it. It has been conquering non-compliant countries by invading them or giving them loans. This is how China has made Sri Lanka, Maldives and Pakistan its slaves.

But there are only a few countries that are not afraid of these rolling threats of China, including India, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. China is making great efforts to annex Taiwan. China has threatened Taiwan by periodically massing its forces along its border to intimidate it.

However, Taiwan did not give in to this threat. Countries like America, India, Britain, France and Australia are supporting Taiwan. It is in this context that the President of Taiwan Lai Ching Te congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his X page yesterday for the victory of the BJP alliance in the Indian parliamentary elections. Also, Lai Singh Teh said that he wants to increase cooperation with India in the fields of trade and technology. Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked him for that.

In this case, China came to see the conversation between the President of Taiwan and Prime Minister Modi. In a statement released by the Chinese Foreign Minister, “Taiwan is an integral part of China. Taiwan and Hong Kong are also included in our declaration of one China. This is an internationally accepted declaration.

India has accepted this and has established relations with China. In such a situation, if Taiwan congratulates us, how can India do that?” “Thank you. India should oppose Taiwan’s political plan. Rather, the relationship should not be praised,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

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