If you touch my thigh… I will hold this organ.. Rekha Nair Open Talk..!

Popular controversial actress Rekha Nair started her film career by acting as a serial actress on small screen.

However, he became hugely popular because of his frequent controversial comments on his YouTube channels.

Rekha Nair:

She was seen as the biggest non-controversial woman who spoke about women and the perverted view of men, women’s attractive clothes and freedom of speech.

At one point, women were scolding them for their comments. He came under criticism for speaking very boldly on stage about women’s freedom

Not only that, she was seen as a controversial actress in the entire media by dragging and beating the famous controversial journalist Bailwan Ranganathan in the middle of the road.

He made people frown by playing a semi-nude in the film Iravin Shithayala directed by famous director Parthiban.

Rekha Nair in Half-Nude:

Bailwan Ranganathan had criticized Rekha Nair by speaking very badly in his interview.

Keeping this in mind, when Rekha Nair went for a walk, she beat up the athlete Ranganathan to get a good look at him.

However, in a recent interview, his comment on women’s freedom came under heavy criticism.

Rekha Nair was severely criticized by the netizens. He explained about this. I am not advocating what Mansoor Ali Khan did and what he did.

My opinion is that people who behave like that should be hanged.

rekha nair2

But the point I made about clothing is that it is their choice for women to go out in skimpy clothes, so I am not advocating that you show off your body in a short dress.

If men touch thigh….

If any man touches his thigh I will immediately grab him by the neck. That is women’s freedom.

For that, Rekha Nair has given a clear explanation that I never said that going out without a cloth is a woman’s freedom.

Netizens did not accept whatever clear explanation he gave for the controversial comments. It is noteworthy that they continue to criticize him as always.

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