Ilayaraja is exposed on the other side.. Put a case on me if you can.. Whip twirling celebrity..!

Musician Ilaiyaraaja has been a music composer, a great singer and a timeless musician who rocked Tamil cinema.

He has millions of fans all over the world. He first made his debut as a music composer in the Tamil film world by composing the music for the film Annakkili.

Musician Ilayaraja:

He is seen as a popular music composer who has composed music for more than a thousand films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and many other languages.

He has been honored with many prestigious awards including the Padma Bhushan for being the best music composer.

Musician Ilayaraja, who is regarded as one of the greatest composers, has always been embroiled in major controversies.

Ilayaraja dances with his head:

One can listen to his song but cannot celebrate his character or his speech.

Ilayaraja is such a bad person. Many people who have worked with him have come and talked openly that he dances with the head that he wants to live alone.

In that way, a famous journalist, Tamila Tamila Pandian, has spoken very openly about Ilayaraja in an interview which is going viral.

Is Ilayaraja a good man who can accumulate crores? This is my question… asked Pandian.

Who have you helped?

He also spoke, how many people have graduated from your town? How many people are lawyers? How many educated people have become IAS officers?

ilayaraja 2

How many people could you have helped? First of all tell me… Do you know how many people Saithai Duraisamy has made as IAS?

Can’t you make it? You are the one who takes care only of himself. How many crores are you making through these people?

What did you do as a debt of gratitude to those people? “Then Andhapuram is ugly” I will post this review only after you come out in public.

Every man who works for the people, whoever he may be, should be a people with the people.

Even after all these years, MGR is still alive in people’s minds. But you have earned so much infamy while you are still alive.

So your history and your life is all about how many people you have blessed. told me

On the other side of Ilayaraja:

The presenter immediately denied this and the famous singer publicly made allegations against Vairamuthu.

But even such allegations are not against Vairamuthu, why do you degrade him so badly and talk about privacy, he questioned.

Tamila Tamila Pandian gave the answer. The point I am talking about is that there are many people on the website who have various opinions and titles according to their liking. They publish news.

If what I am saying is for a different purpose, they reflect a different opinion and I cannot go and explain it to everyone.

ilayaraja1 1

I can only be responsible for the words that come out of my mouth that I speak. I cannot be held responsible for those who portray it in a different light.

They depict what I am talking about from a different angle for their liking so that the viewers will come.

Tamila Pandian has spoken about Ilayaraja’s Andhapuram that I cannot be responsible for all that.

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