In the beginning it was difficult.. but now it’s fun.. What did Atulya Ravi say like this..!

Actress Athulya Ravi made her debut in cinema as a very simple heroine with a girl-next-door appearance as a beautiful girl as a powerful heroine.

Due to this, she was seen as an actress who attracted the attention of all the fans right after her debut.

Actress Atulya Ravi:

Born in Coimbatore, she first acted as a beautiful actress in short films and after that got an opportunity on the silver screen and today she is a popular actress in Kollywood.

He used to act in short films and had a huge fan base. After watching the short films, I was mesmerized by her beauty and started getting film opportunities.

After that he started showing great interest in cinema. He first acted in the movie Kadhal Khan Katute which was released in 2017.

This movie brought him immense fame and recognition. Then, without waiting for opportunities to continue, he started acting even if it was a small role and kept his place

In the beginning, Athulya played a homely woman wearing a chudidar with a dupatta and pulled it off.

Attractiveness for opportunity:

Later on, he started showing a distorted glamor with an idea to get continuous film opportunities.

In the year 2010, he acted in the movie called ‘Next Whip’ directed by Anbazhagan. The movie earned him a good name.

He continued to act in a few films in Tamil. He also started acting there to get an opportunity in Telugu cinema.

Later, in Tamil, she starred opposite Shantanu Bhagyaraj in the dubious film Murungaikai Chips, which drew criticism from everyone.

athulya ravi 3 1

That movie gave him the worst experience. It can be said that it got caught in a big controversy critically.

Adulya in the shocking film:

But still the film didn’t earn a huge amount. So he started posting pictures on social media wearing sexy clothes while constantly looking for film opportunities.

Also, he got caught in the criticism that he changed his facial beauty by doing plastic surgery.

However, he also denied it. Meanwhile, actress Athulya Ravi always wears glamorous clothes and regularly posts pictures on Instagram.

In this case, he has spoken sadly about the fact that the first film, which he came to act in, was shelved for several days without release.

The agony of the first film:

When I made my debut in the cinema, I told my friends and relatives that I had acted in the film.

But, there were various hurdles for the release of the film, they said it would release on this date but it didn’t. They say that it will be released on that date but it will not be released.

I also keep telling my friends and relatives that today’s release will be tomorrow’s release.

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Did you actually act in the film because of this? Or just running the story? They ask me that.

It was very difficult for me then. The release of my first film got postponed not once but twice.

It was very difficult for me. All my friends are sarcastic. But after the release of the film and giving me recognition, Atulya Ravi has said that now everything is fun.

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