Indian election results 2024: BJP likely to form government only with alliance partner

The BJP-led NDA alliance, which faced the polls with a target of 400+, won 290+ seats. It is argued that since the BJP did not get a majority, it was the people’s decision to form the government with the support of its allies.

Counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections, which took place across the country in 7 phases, began today at 7 am. Out of the total 543 constituencies, BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal has already won the Surat constituency and counting of votes is taking place in the remaining 542 constituencies.

As of 7.00 pm, the BJP alone is securing 239. BJP alliance with alliance parties has seen victory in 290+ seats. The BJP alliance has gained majority strength as it needs to win 272 seats to form the government.

Apart from this, Congress alone holds 90+ seats in the All India alliance. It reaches 235 constituencies along with alliance parties.

In this context, the National Democratic Alliance led by the BJP will hold a major consultation tomorrow (05) about the formation of the government. Telugu Desam Party and United Janata Dal Party are participating in this. He was a member of this party’s NDA in the Lok Sabha elections. The leaders of these two parties, Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar, are now in the limelight as kingmakers.

In this case, “Thank you to the voters who gave a historic victory to the BJP alliance. “Thank you for your trust in the National Democratic Alliance parties,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While there were speculations that the All India Alliance, which is winning 235 constituencies, is in talks with these two parties, Congress National President Kharge, Chief Leader Rahul Gandhi, Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi attended a press conference in Delhi this evening (04). Speaking at that time, Rahul Gandhi said, “India’s alliance parties will meet tomorrow. Then, do we want to sit in the opposition ranks? Or we will discuss with the alliance parties and decide whether we want to try something else and value their views,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Kharge said, “It is clear that these decisions are against Modi. This is Modi’s political failure. BJP wanted to win this election by showing a single face. That is Modi’s face.” He said that.

It would not be an exaggeration if the UP result is a huge blow to the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. In UP which has 80 constituencies, Samajwadi has won 38, Congress 6, BJP 32 and other parties have won 2 seats. Opposition party’s alliance strategy, religion-based political advancement etc. are said to be the reasons. Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, in particular, is said to be the reason behind the slippage of the BJP in devising election strategies considering Muslims, Yadavs, OBCs, Dalits and minorities.

BJP has never won a Lok Sabha election in Kerala. With the victory of Suresh Gopi, the BJP has started its first victory in Kerala in the Lok Sabha elections.

In 2019, actor Suresh Gopi contested on behalf of the BJP in this constituency and secured 28.2 percent votes. This is more than double the 11.15 percent votes won by BJP candidate KP Sreesan in the last 2014 elections. BJP leaders have formulated several views to win the Thrissur constituency this time by pushing back the ruling Left and Congress candidates. Accordingly, Suresh Gopi was again fielded as a candidate. It has paid off.

2024 Lok Sabha Election Field: In this 40 Lok Sabha elections with 39 Lok Sabha constituencies in Tamil Nadu and one constituency in Puducherry, a team led by the DMK, a team led by the AIADMK, a team led by the BJP, and the Nam Tamilar Party stand alone.

In the DMK-led party, DMK contested 22 constituencies, Congress contested 9 constituencies in Tamil Nadu and one constituency in Puducherry. CPI, CPM and LTTE contested 2 constituencies each. Indian Union Muslim League contested one seat and MDMK contested one seat. The People’s Justice Center supported the DMK. DMK wins all contested constituencies.

Initially, BMC candidate Soumya Anbumani was leading in Dharmapuri, but the trend changed after noon. BJP did not establish a foothold in Tamil Nadu as that too slipped through the cracks. But in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra, BJP has registered its victory significantly.

Even if it did not register a victory in Tamil Nadu, the BJP is also comforted by the fact that it has improved in vote percentage. Apart from these, the 2024 election results include various interesting things like Congress victory in Manipur, shock to BJP alliance in Maharashtra, setback for Naveen Patnaik’s party in Odisha.

In this case, the National Democratic Alliance and the India Alliance will hold separate consultations tomorrow. Expectations on this have increased.

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