Initial actor who died during sex.. Do you know who is that young actress..?

The famous actress who was introduced to the Tamil film world by a famous director, showed great talent in her first film and got a star status in the film world and an indelible place in the hearts of the fans.

Similarly, in the case of leading female actors, which was the most talked about at that time, Badu Week was a much talked about news not only in the screen world but also among the fans.

During sex..

You are well aware of the Me Too issue and the adjustment that is becoming a major talking point in the media today.

No media reported about the actor at that time as the poet Vairamuthu, who was a very good lyricist, was said to be mean and bad when it came to women.

Even today, even though they know everything about the actor, they are afraid to breathe or talk about it. This is because the media, which is reluctant to talk about high-status people, tends to wash away people who are somewhat famous.

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Such an actor abuses many of his co-starring actresses to fulfill his desires. The actor asked the director to bring the newly introduced popular actress.

The deceased initial actor..

After this, the director said to the actor that she is a bad little girl and then he said that you and the producer are using the young actress as a small girl.

At that time, the actress who may have attained stardom, has gone to the actor’s house following the word of the director about the call of the famous actor, when there is no need to go along with the adjustment.

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After this, the famous actor, who could not have a proper relationship due to old age, sent the young female star actress back. However, he also had a sense of inferiority complex.

Who is that young actress..

After this, to increase his masculinity, he brought from a foreign country medicine that can be given to horses for masculinity. After this, he again invited the star actress to his house and tried to have a relationship.

In that way, he who was already suffering from various physical ailments due to old age died of a heart attack after getting an injection that can stimulate modern virility.

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His wife was not present in his bedchamber at the time of his death. Many famous actresses and actors who lived that day knew that she was the star-studded actress.

Following this, Vidhakan Shekhar’s statement about the cause of death of the three-letter initial actor who died during sex is now going viral on the internet.

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