Is he the son of famous actor Nambiar..? Information that not many people know..!

Nambiar, a legendary actor in Tamil cinema, hails from the state of Kerala. He appeared as a popular actor by playing villain roles in various Tamil movies.

He believed that Asathi would appear in the action scenes of Sivaji, MGR and other films by assuming villainous roles.

The actor confided:

He has been one of the best actors in Tamil films for more than 60 years.

He has also acted as a character actor in various films. After a little old age, he played the role of grandfather and father in various movies and was seen as a great celebrity.

Meanwhile, he was famous for acting in some TV serials like Devendran. Hailing from Kerala, actor Nambiar moved to Uthakamandal when his father died at the age of 8.

Here he did his schooling till 3rd standard. He was seen as a popular actor who played villain roles in every movie and as an actor who excelled in action scenes.

Hero in real life:

Actor Nambiar is a villain only in movies but in real life he is a great hero. Yes, he followed the best morals in his life and was seen as a great spiritualist and moralist in cinema.


Accordingly Nambiar continued to visit Sabarimala for nearly 65 years. Actor Nambiar, who chose acting because of his family’s poverty, first joined a theater group called Nawab Rasamanikam and moved around Salem, Mysore, looking for opportunities to act in plays.

As he did not get an opportunity to act in plays, he worked as a kitchen assistant in the same company.

Believed as a chef:

nambiar 4

As he got free food and accommodation there, he continued to act and later grew to the rank of the biggest star hero.

It is noteworthy that he acted in films like Vedettakaran, Ayirathil Oruvan, Enga Dittup Pillai with MGR.

Although he is a villain in movies, he is a hero in real life. The actor believes that he was also a great spiritualist in his lifetime.

In 2008, actor Nambiar passed away due to ill health and married his relative Rukmini in 1946.

Do you know who is Nambiar’s son?

He has two sons and one daughter. One of his sons, Sukumaran Nambiar, was the president of the All India Ayyappa Seva Sangh and a member of the BJP National Executive Committee.

He has held many important positions in BJP. Sukumaran also worked as a trainer in the army.

nambiar son

He has also been the trainer of its Central Black Cat Defense Force. He is credited with creating the Black Army in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, Sukumaran Nambiar died of a heart attack in 2012 at the age of 60. It is noteworthy that there are two existing sons.

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