Is this actress the reason for Jeevi Prakash’s divorce? Bagheer Club is also famous..!

Jeevi Prakash, sister’s son of music sensation AR Raghuman, fell in love with popular playback singer Chainthavi, whom he had been in love with since school days.

You may remember that they recently had a baby girl after being childless for a long time. In this case, the news that these two are separating has come to the internet and it is sensational.

Music Composer Jeevi Prakash..

Usually star couples who fall in love and get married in the film industry tend to get divorced soon after their love gets sour at some point.

It is not known who was impressed by the life of Jeevi Prakash and Chaindavi, who shone as star couples in this way. Now the news that this couple is headed for divorce has hit the internet like a thunderbolt.

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All the fans who heard this were in irreparable grief. Not only that, when they announced their separation, many fans expressed their views that they did not think about their child as they announced their moral separation in view of their development and future welfare.

However, there was a serious shock among the fans after they remained firm in the category without worrying about them.

The actress who caused the divorce..

In this case, Sabita Joseph, who spoke in an interview, said that Jeevi Prakash and Kayal Anandi were related, apart from various criticisms but also gossips spread rapidly on the internet.

The reason for this is that after Jeevi Prakash and Kayal Anandi had acted together in two or three films, such rumors surfaced. However, it is natural for gossips to come out like this in the screen world.

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Jeevi Prakash and his wife Chaindavi may be suffering from mental illness due to such constant gossips. A lot of thoughts may be running through his mind.

Popularity created by Bagheer..

Realizing this, Jeevi Prakash may have refrained from continuing to act with her or Chaindavi may have even thought that her husband should have done so. This is the nature of all women.

In that sense Jeevi Prakash has a Tamil Dravidian political mind set. His mother-in-law, however, was not. Sabita Joseph has said that there may have been a rift between them after even her family gave pressure not to act like this in the film.

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After this this matter has now become viral on the internet. And Kayal Anandi is the cause of Jeevi Prakash’s divorce? The fans are talking to each other.

However, many fans believe that if both of them had given up for their baby girl, not only would life have been sweeter, but the child’s future would have been better.

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