Is this the reason Yuvan didn’t come to Premji’s wedding..? Exploded controversy..!

There is no need to say much about Ilayaraja’s younger brother Gangai Amaran who is a music legend in the film world. He has also composed music for some films and also produced and directed some films.

Everyone knows very well that his younger son Premji got married recently.

As far as Premji is concerned, many fans are congratulating him, who is known around like a playboy.

Actor Premji got married..

Actor Premji, who holds a place in the hearts of Asathi fans in comedy acting, has impressed everyone with his outstanding performance.

He had gone to open a bank account in a bank in Chennai. He became acquainted with a girl named Indu who worked in that bank and soon their acquaintance blossomed into love.

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After this, Premji, who did not get married until he was 45 years old, is now marrying the girl he was in love with at the Murugan temple with the consent of his parents.

The reason why Yuvan did not come..

Not only his friends but also many relatives attended the wedding, especially his great-grandfather and great-grandfather’s son Yuvan Shankar Raja did not attend, which caused a big controversy.

Yuvan Shankar Raja, who was already married and divorced, converted to Islam and married a Muslim woman.

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In this case, after his brother Premji’s wedding took place in the Murugan temple, Yuvan, who converted to Islam, was unable to go to the temple, and there are criticisms that he did not attend the wedding.

The controversy erupted..

After this, ideas are spreading that Yuvan Shankar Raja could not go to the temple where the wedding took place because of religion.

However, some prominent Muslim actors have also attended weddings at temples considered sacred to Hindus.

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If this is the case then religion is not a bar to go for such important specialities. All the fans are talking that the mind is the cause of everything.

This is the thing that is currently causing a stir on the internet and has become a talking point among fans.

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