It is high in sulphur- use this ‘onion hair pack’ once a week for hair loss problem

Nutritional deficiency, Due to genetics and lack of proper care, hair loss has become common for many people these days. Note below When done once a weekm. This It can help prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

required things

Onion Juice – 5 spoon

coconut oil – 4 spoon

Castor oil – 2 spoon


In a clean bowl 4 spoon of pure coconut oil2 spoon of kerosene and 5 Take a spoonful of onion juice and mix it well.

This mix is ​​your hairback mix. This mixture should be applied well from the head to the ends of the hair before going to sleep at night. After 5 First 10 You can have a good massage for up to a minute.

By doing this, the blood flow to the scalp will go smoothly.

After the head Shower capCover it and go to sleep. The next morning you can wash your head using shampoo or shea butter.

If you do this once a week Stops hair fall. With that, Hair grows well and is healthy.

Why onions??

Onion is naturally antioxidant And sulfur is high. These increase hair growth, Helps repair split ends of hair. Besides this, Helps increase blood flow to the scalp.


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