It is not wrong to do this for a film opportunity.. This is a joke.. Virumandi Abhirami said without shyness..!

Actress Abhirami whose real name is Divya Gopi Kumar was born in the year 1983. After working as an anchor on television, she got an opportunity to act in films.

She has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films and made her debut in Tamil with the film Vanavil.

Actress Virumandi Abhirami..

Actress Abhirami’s films like Vaanavil, Middle Class Madhavan, Dosth, Samudram, Charlie Chaplin, Karmegam, Samasthanam, Varumandi are still popular today.

In a recent interview, various opinions were exchanged while he was speaking. Also, everyone was surprised that he answered the question asked to him in a very simple way that everyone could understand.

Abhirami 2

You may wonder what a wonderful answer he gave to such a question. You can read a detailed explanation about it in this post.

It is not wrong to do this for a photo opportunity..

Most of the movies that come out today are a medium that can reflect the state of society.

Also, cinema helps to see the things that happen in life as they are on the screen.

Abirami said that by showing the small things that happen in life to a certain extent in the cinema, people can understand and enjoy it.

Abhirami 3

To this day, I still don’t understand why they talk so awkwardly when they show a kiss on screen, something that could happen between a lover and a girlfriend in real life.

Speech without shyness..

In this case, Abhirami’s unashamed speech saying that it is normal to do something like this if it is necessary for the film has now become viral on the internet.

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And the fans are talking among themselves as if the comment made by Virumandi Abhirami is a true comment.

And they shared this with their friends and turned it into one of the most viewed things on the internet.

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