It is the community that is protected by cooperating with the police

Public support for the police is essential to control crime, drug and underworld gangs in the country, and by maintaining confidence in the police. Inspector General of Police Deshabandhu Thennakone has said that the Sri Lankan community will be safe.

Yesterday (05) the “Suvasara Ketalla” center for identifying drug addicts and providing them with community based rehabilitation and treatment was inaugurated at Kelani Police Division. He made the above comments during the said event.

The Inspector General of Police continued to commentin the past days It caused a stir on social mediaDonate A video has surfaced of a man identified as a father inhumanely assaulting and torturing his child. Marked Bring the person to justice as soon as possible, All sections of the society want maximum punishment for the criminal And Various social organizations have also made demands.

And who is the culprit In case no one knows that the said incident took place in Eppakah in Sri Lanka, With the cooperation of the public, Sri Lanka Police and With the full support of the Police Special Task Force, For speedy arrest of the culprit, The Director General of Police said that the child’s future has been secured.

Recalling this incident, he added, The public may have various criticisms about the police, The police are ready to address those criticisms and deficiencies, Most police officers are honest By performing their duties with dedication, During this, the Inspector General of Police requested that they should not try to disrupt the integrity of the police officers through narrow-mindedness, which would cause a drag on the reputation of the police service.

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