It’s been 10 years since marriage.. I have a disease.. VJ Bhavana Open Talk..!

VJ Bhavana is a leading host on Vijay TV. Just like actresses have fans in the film world, she also has a large number of fans not only in Tamil Nadu but also in India.

This is because she has the distinction of being the first female host to anchor Star Sports’ cricket programmes.

It’s been ten years since marriage..

She worked as a radio host in the early days and has hosted many programs on Raj TV, Vijay TV etc.

In that way, he hosted various programs like Super Singer Jr., Airtel Super Singer, Jodi Number One on Vijay TV and held a place among his fans.

He also anchors the programs of Indian Premier League and Pro Kabaddi League. And in 2018, he surprised everyone by working as a Tamil commentator for Star Sports during the IPL season.

Apart from hosting shows, she made her debut as a singer in 2018 and released her first song, The Mashup Series.


Also in 2020 he has sung the first playback song for music director Taran. The song got 5 lakh views on Veerathi Veera YouTube.

But there is a disease..

She can be very busy on social media and often posts photos and videos to amaze her fans.

VJ Bhawana who interacted with the fans recently was answering the questions of the fans.

Are you married in it? Yes, I am married to the question. In fact, he had said that he had been married for ten years.

VJ Bhavana Open Talk..

Then someone asked you if you are lazy. VJ Bhavana answered this without any hesitation.

He replied that yes it is a disease. This post of his is currently going viral on the internet.


All the fans who have heard this know that there is no cure for laziness. Laziness is the main reason why a man falls down in life.

It is said that it is a deadly disease rather than a disease.

His fans are now sharing this with their friends and are jokingly saying that VJ Bhavana has a deadly disease called laziness.

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