Jayakumar’s case: Forensic, bomb experts raid

Jayakumar's case: Forensic, bomb experts raidMore than 50 forensic and bomb experts are investigating the suspicious death of Nellai East District Congress President KP Jayakumar today at his garden near Vektionvilai by the CBCID police.

KPK Jayakumar Thanasingh (60) hails from Karai Suttuputhur near Vektianvilai in Nellai district. The Nellai East District Congress President was mysteriously found dead in the garden of his house on the 4th with his hands and feet tied and his body charred. The letters written by him before his death have also been published and created a stir. On the order of Nellai District Superintendent of Police Silambarasan, 11 special police officers led by inspectors were investigating the incident.

They continued to conduct intensive investigation with the persons mentioned in the letter such as Jayakumar’s relatives, friends and acquaintances. As there was no definite information as to how Jeyakumar died, after the Deputy DGP of Tamil Nadu ordered an investigation by the CBCID, a 15-member team led by CBCID Inspector Ulaga Rani and Valliyur DSP Yogesh Kumar investigated. The office was called and investigated.

Also this morning, CBCID police and more than 50 forensic and explosives experts are investigating Jayakumar’s estate and his house for any clues.

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