Join United People’s Shakti to build the nation

In the next 10 days, a program will be carried out to recruit 20 lakh new members to United People’s Power in every village, city, small town and hamlet in Sri Lanka. The Leader of the Opposition called on the majority of the 220 lakh people living in 51000 villages in nine provinces and 25 districts in Divisional Secretariat and Sub-Divisional Secretariat 341 and Village Officer Division 14021 to build the country together.

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa called upon the 220 lakh people to join the United People’s Power to make the country self-sufficient, to create a poverty-free country, where industrialization will expand, economic growth will increase rapidly, and its benefits will be shared by all.

A nationwide program to recruit 20 lakh new members to United People’s Shakti has started today (07). Its program for Colombo district was launched today in Homagama under the leadership of opposition leader Sajith Premadasa.

The program to incorporate 20 lakh new members who have not obtained party membership in the United People’s Power will be carried out nationwide from today to the 16th.

This program will be carried out in all constituencies under the leadership of the main organizers of the respective constituencies.

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