June 7 ‘NDA’ meeting.. Modi will become Prime Minister for the 3rd time?

Delhi : The results of the Lok Sabha elections were announced yesterday, and now the country has created a lively political scene. As no party has a majority, various information about the coalition continues to emerge.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the National Democratic Alliance, the MPs of the BJP and the alliance party, which won the Lok Sabha elections, will meet in Delhi on June 7. In that meeting, it was announced that Narendra Modi will be chosen as the Chairman of the Lok Sabha.

In this case, it has been reported that Modi will take office as the Prime Minister for the 3rd time. According to the information, the swearing-in is likely to take place on Saturday (June 8).

Modi has resigned from his post as Prime Minister to be re-instated. Modi handed over his resignation letter after meeting President Draupadi Murmu at his residence.

After the National Democratic Alliance’s consultative meeting this evening, Modi will claim to be reinstated as Prime Minister. It is also said that swearing-in ceremonies will take place once Draupadi Murmu approves.

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