Kama Kama Mushroom Ghee Roast: A Different Recipe; Definitely try it

Kama Kama Mushroom Ghee Roast A Different Recipe Definitely try

Here we will see how to make Mangalore Style Mushroom Ghee Roast.


Cloves- 2
Anise-1 spoon
Paprika Chili- 20
Onion- 2
Garlic- 10
Taniya- 1 tbsp
Pepper- quarter tsp
Cumin- quarter tsp
Fenugreek- little
Mushroom- quarter kg
Oil- required quantity
Salt – as needed
Tamarind- little
Jaggery- little


First, clean the mushroom and keep it. Then put all the given ingredients like chilli, onion, taniya, garlic, cumin, pepper, anise, cloves and fenugreek in a mixing jar and grind it into a paste.

After that put a pan in the oven and leave 3 spoons of ghee in it and once it is dry add curry leaves and grind the paste to it. Mix well.

After the green smell of the masala is gone, a little tamarind should be dissolved in it. Now add a little jaggery to the lovage. Next add mushroom and stir well. Add water if needed. It is not necessary as the mushroom will be watery. That’s all, when the water is reduced and the gravy is ready, sprinkle the curry leaves and the delicious mushroom ghee roast is ready.

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