Kanyakumari Glass Bridge, Kanyakumari glass cage bridge opening soon! – glass bridge between vivekananda mandapam and thiruvalluvar statue will be opened soon in kanyakumari

Kanyakumari Glass Bridge Kanyakumari glass cage bridge opening soon

An international tourist destination, Kanyakumari is known as the southern tip of India.

Kanyakumari District

Being a famous tourist destination, Kanyakumari attracts many tourists from different states of India and abroad. Around 75 lakh tourist arrivals per year.

Vivekananda Hall
Vivekananda Memorial Hall and Thiruvalluvar statue are located in the middle of the sea. Tourists visit it by boat. Vivekananda Memorial Hall boat dock is deep. Thiruvalluvar idol boat deck is shallow. Also there are too many rocks at the boat stop.

Thiruvalluvar statue
Boat traffic to Vivekananda Memorial Hall will not be operated to Thiruvalluvar statue during low tide. Due to this, tourists will not be able to visit Thiruvalluvar statue.

Glass cage bridge
In this situation, the construction of the glass cage bridge at a cost of Rs 37 crore started in June last year. A glass cage bridge will be constructed so that tourists can enjoy the sea waves below while walking on this bridge.

Marine Pedestrian Bridge

In this situation, the Tamil Nadu government has informed that the marine pedestrian bridge to connect the Thiruvalluvar statue and the Vivekananda memorial rock has been completed and will be ready for use soon.

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