Know the correct method of worshiping Navagrahas..!


New planets – In this article you will find about the method of orbiting the planets and the benefits of it.

Many temple goers have many confusions about how to worship Navagrahas.

New Planets:

Generally, many people think that the seven planets namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn should be rotated from the place to the right and Rahu and Ketu should be rotated from the right to the left.But this is a wrong method.

The planetary position in your horoscope depends on the Purva Punnyam of each individual. Planets are not favorable in all horoscopes. This results in doshas, ​​and people go to the temple for redressal.

Method of worshiping Navagrahas:

First, after going to the temple, worship all the deities there and then worship the Navagrahas. In worshiping Navagrahas, it is sufficient to complete nine rounds without confusing right and left. Similarly, do not worship any planet by touching it with your hand.


Each planet has its own energy. When we worship it properly, we can also get its benefits. If we worship any planet, we will know what benefits we will get.

  • Surya worship brings health and prosperity in life.
  • Moon worship will make you famous in life.
  • Mars worship gives courage.
  • Worship of Buddha brings good knowledge and clear thinking.
  • Worship of Guru (Jupiter) brings blessings and wealth.
  • Worship of Venus gives yoga for buying house land and good life partner.
  • Worshiping Lord Shani will give you long life.
  • Worship of Rahu brings benefit from travel.
  • Worshiping Ketu gives moksha and increases wisdom. Increases spiritual engagement.

And if you worship the respective planets on the appropriate days, you can get additional benefits.

So henceforth when you enter the temple go clearly without confusion and worship with contentment and full heart.

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