Like this on the first day of school opening? Students are happy… the new ballet plan is ready!

A plate full of flowers, a plate full of chocolates, welcome banners at the school entrance, decorating the classroom with flowers. Thus, on the first day of the opening of schools on June 10, 2024, the school education department made the students of Tamil Nadu happy. Welcomed teachers in private schools with cartoon masks, the emphasis on non-academic activities was otherwise weeded out from day one.

Opening of schools

Many students have returned to school after a two-month summer vacation in April and May. So teachers should think to bring them into the learning environment. Even more so, it is the singing of primary school teachers. Enough is enough before the children stop crying and calm down. Middle school, high school and high school students are active.

Responsibility of teachers

A huge task awaits the teachers to groom them and bring out their inner talent. Moreover, some parents have voluntarily informed the teachers to reprimand, punish and teach their children at the appropriate time.

Students came to school excitedly

From Aadhaar number to free textbooks

On the very first day of opening of schools, various activities like getting Aadhaar number, opening bank account, verifying EMIs information and confirming parents’ phone numbers were done for the students. And all the students who came to school on the first day were given textbooks, notes, book bags etc.

Admission of students in government schools

In the current academic year, more than 3 lakh students are enrolled in government schools. The important reason for this is the awareness campaign carried out by the teachers in March and April. Classrooms in various schools have been converted into smart classrooms. Arrangements are made for learning through audio and video. It became a surprise event for the students. As for parents, their children should not come out with only textbook knowledge.

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