Lok Sabha Election 2024, DMK Alliance Mass Victory in Dindigul & Karur Constituencies!

Lok Sabha Election 2024 DMK Alliance Mass Victory in Dindigul

Voting for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections was over and the counting of votes was done briskly today (June 4). From the beginning, the DMK alliance was leading in all 40 constituencies of Tamil Nadu. DMK alliance took the lead in Dharmapuri and Virudhunagar constituencies in the evening despite some fluctuations.

In this election in Dindigul constituency, there was a tough competition between CPM, STPI and BMC parties. In this, Sachithanandam from CPM party has won. He has collected a total of 6,70,149 votes. He was followed by Muhammed Mubarak. Mohammad Mubarak of STBI party secured a total of 2,26,328 votes. Bhamaga’s Thilakabama, who came in third place, got only 1,12,503 votes. With this, the DMK alliance has achieved a mega victory in the Dindigul constituency.

Jyotimani, who contested on behalf of the Congress party in the DMK alliance, has won the Karur Lok Sabha constituency. Jyotimani got 5,04,131 votes and Thangavel who contested from AIADMK got 3,42,415 votes. While Jyotimani was leading by a margin of 1.61 lakh votes, it has been announced that Jyotimani has won by a margin of more than one lakh votes. Senthilnathan, who contested on behalf of the BJP party, has faced setbacks. Finally, Jyotimani secured 4,85,131 votes, Thangavel 3,31,033 votes and Senthil Nathan 90,827 votes.

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