Malavika Sharma openly said that she wants to go on a date with this Tamil actor..!

Tamil cinema is also giving good reception to new faces emerging as beautiful young actresses.

Malavika Sharma first started her career as a model from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Malavika Sharma as Model Beauty:

With her good looks and charming looks, she was seen as a model beauty who caught the attention of all the fans.

Taking this, she got an opportunity to act in films and made her debut as an actress in Telugu cinema.

He made his debut in Tamil cinema in 2018 with Ravi Teja’s Nela Ticket.

The movie gave her a good mark and she was seen as a popular actress in Kollywood.

Popularity in Telugu Cinema:

She was a young actress who impressed the hearts of Tollywood fans. He acted in the next film Red in 2021.

This movie also made him a good mark and name. Malavika Mohan is garnering a lot of attention by acting in successive films.

malavika 1

I started getting opportunities in other language films besides Telugu and that’s how she played the character of Diya in a Tamil film called Coffee With Love.

He has always been interested in choosing good stories to act in Tamil cinema.

Crowds of fans flock to the charming beauty:

Malavika Sharma is the one who has captivated the entire Tamil cinema fans and fans with her beauty by showing her skillful performance with her charming and beautiful appearance.

He got huge fan base from the first film. Showing his natural performance in every movie. She is seen as a rising actress in Indian cinema.

Actress Malavika Sharma studied law as a lawyer and entered the modeling industry out of her desire to become a film actress.

Meanwhile, she became famous as a model in various commercial films and became the brand ambassador of Blue India in 2017. Appointed and honored.

That is how he got the chance to act in Bollywood movies. She is taking formal training in Kathak out of a desire to become famous as a proper actress by acting in films.

malavika sharma 1

Being a model, Malavika Sharma is always making the whole internet crazy by posting her sexy pictures on social media.

With that actor…. Malavika said to Bleach:

She has a huge fan following for her glamorous and beautiful photos. In this situation, Malavika Sharma, who participated in a recent interview,

When asked which actor would you like to go on a date with any Tamil actor, she said, “I want to go on a date with Sivakarthikeyan.”

Also, she expressed her desire to go on a date with Vijay. If there was one question you wanted to ask them on a date, what would you ask?

I will ask nothing. I will go with them and take some cute photos. Malavika Sharma had said that just seeing them is enough for me.

After this, Malavika is expected to seek opportunities from Sivakarthikeyan and Vijay films.

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