Mettur dam water level, increase in water flow….Mettur dam will return to the old level! – increase in flow to mettur dam

Mettur dam water level increase in water flowMettur dam will

Mettur Dam

Water was opened from Mettur Dam last June 2023 for the irrigation of delta districts in a big way, but due to the lack of rain in the catchment areas of Tamil Nadu, the water level of the dam decreased, so the water was opened only for drinking water needs and the water opened for irrigation was stopped immediately.

Water level of Mettur dam

In this case, the water level of Mettur dam was increasing while the Cauvery water was falling from time to time in the catchment areas. This year, the summer heat started from last February and the water level of Mettur dam continued to decline. Therefore, the gopurams and the Nandi statue of the king’s era, which were submerged in the water catchment areas, are beginning to come out, so people are walking and visiting them.

Increase in water flow

Also, the youths from the coastal area have painted the Nandi and replaced it with a new one. However, due to lack of rain in the Cauvery catchment area, Mettur Dam saw a flow of 89 cubic feet yesterday, but as of this morning, the water flow has increased to 286 cubic feet.

Water opening for drinking water needs

Water is released from the dam for drinking water at the rate of 2100 cubic feet per second, the water level of Mettur Dam has seen a decline as the amount of water entering the dam is less than the amount of water released for drinking water. The water level which was 45.47 feet yesterday has decreased to 45.18 feet as of this morning and the water level is 14.91 TMC.

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