Modi, who has become a check-mate in politics, will now have Delhi politics in the hands of these 2 people!

Narendra Modi is going to take office as the Prime Minister of India for the 3rd time. But he could not win 272 seats with a single majority. As a result, it is impossible to form a separate government. The reason is that Narendra Modi has won 240 seats. Thus, he cannot prove majority. Meanwhile, the Bihar Chief Minister’s party, the Janata Dal, has won 12 seats, and Modi met its president, Nitish Kumar today. While he has supported…

Telugu Desam Party President Chandrababu Naidu also met Modi in Delhi today and expressed his support. After this, with the support of these 2 leaders, it appears that Modi will be able to form the government. But Modi can’t make any answer arbitrarily as he thought before. It must be said that the reason is that Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish are currently in power. If one of them withdraws support at any time, Modi will be stripped of his post.

This has created a great check-mate for Modi in politics. Not only this, Chandrababu Naidu has made it a condition to give the most important ministerial posts to his party members. As it goes, Nitish Kumar is no slouch either. He made it a condition that his son, who failed in the election, should be appointed MP and given a ministerial position to him too. Due to this, Modi’s game is close! If there are 2 star politicians in India right now, it is none other than Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu.

The whole of India is talking about them. It is said that these two people will be dizzy if they hear the conditions they have put to Modi

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