My black money? I paid for the comment in the sun – kpy Bala Retaliation!

Chennai: KPY Bala has responded to the criticism of converting black money into white money.

Bala made his debut on the small screen with the comedy show Kalaku Povatu Yaaru and became popular with the name kpy Bala through this show. Following this, he impressed the fans with the show Cook with Komali, and now he is mixing it up on the silver screen as well.

He is not only a stand-up comedian, he is also currently doing social work for people. Yes, he spends half of his income to help the poor. Kpy Bala, who came to help alone, has recently been doing public work with actor Raghava Lawrence.

Both of them are currently doing many things together. In this situation, Bala, who was meeting the reporters in Theni district, was answering the questions asked by the reporters.

Then, someone commented on a video he helped. In it, he who has been providing so much help, asked whose black money he was converting into white.

In response, he said, “I don’t have black money, I don’t spend that kind of money, I stand in the sun and help people with money.” Also, he said that the only person who will help me is Raghava Lawrence sir.

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