My husband is the one who understood this.. Actress Tamanna who broke the secret for the first time..!

Tamannaah is a star actress in Indian cinema who has acted in various hit films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

She holds the status of a leading actress and has received various awards including Kalaimamani and Saima.

Actress Tamannaah:

Actress Tamannaah is the one who attracted the fans in her new debut with her charming look with a beautiful mani.

She was seen as a popular actress in Tamil cinema as a star actress. She continued to be paired with many stars including Ajith, Vijay, Dhanush and maintained her position as a leading actress.

Meanwhile, Tamannaah went there to get continuous opportunities in Bollywood and grabbed her market.

Actress Tamannaah who is a native of Mumbai, Maharashtra has acted in various hit films in Hindi and is seen as the highest paid actress till now.

Actress Tamannaah at the top of the market:

Despite being 34 years old, Tamannaah still doesn’t understand the market. Tamannaah made her Tamil debut with the 2006 Tamil film KD.

After that, he has acted in various hit movies including Vayabari, Kollegi, Yara Uzur Aya, Pragadahavan, Katla Ishtam Katla Kashtam, Bhaiya, Sura, Dillalangadi, Siruthai, Go.

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Tamannaah was last seen opposite superstar Rajinikanth in Jailer, a huge hit.

Especially the song featured in this film made him famous in a big way. Through that he got a market. .

Tamannaah continues to focus on acting in web serials. While starring in the Lust Stories series, he grabbed everyone’s attention by acting in bed scenes to the point of making faces so bad.

She began to fall in love with Vijay Varma, the young hero of popular Bollywood cinema, who acted with her.

Love with Vijay Varma:

The two were rumored to be dating from time to time. However, Tamannaah, who kept it a secret, later confirmed at one point that they were both in love.

After that, when everyone was expecting that they are going to get married soon, there has been a lot of buzz in Bollywood for the last two days that Tamannaah has broken up with Vijay Varma.

tamannah 2

It is being said that the reason for this is that Tamannaah is constantly wearing very sexy clothes and acting in bad roles in movies.

The boyfriend reprimanded this and Tamanna said, “I love you that’s all.” For that, I should not think that my entire life should be under your control.

My husband is the only one who understands this:

In this case, actress Tamannaah has for the first time broken the secret and openly talked about what kind of husband she wants.

I have created a world for myself. For the first time, actress Tamannaah has opened up about her boyfriend saying that he is my husband who understands that.

It is confirmed that Tamannaah broke up Vijay Varma by saying how she wants a boyfriend when he is still there.

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