Nathaka’s recognition by the state party is a breakthrough in the political history of Tamils ​​- Seeman!

"Where are the LTTE?"- Seaman barrage of questions!

Naam Tamilar Party chief coordinator Seeman has said that the state party’s recognition of Naam Tamilar Party is a breakthrough in the political history of Tamils.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, Naam Tamilar Party, which contested alone in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry in the recently concluded parliamentary elections, secured 8.2 percent votes. Although we did not achieve the goal of victory in this election, it is a great joy to have received significant votes and to be recognized as a state party. Naam Tamilar Party completely removed that inadequacy and defect, made the Tamil cause a mass politics and won the election.

Naam Tamilar Party, which competed in the elections for the first time in 2016, has evolved into a state party in eight years, which is a breakthrough in the history of Tamil politics! The votes that our Tamil party has won after overcoming many suppression methods such as symbol theft, abuse of power, political crisis, caste, religion, alcohol and money is a great democratic renaissance.

Depicting Tamils ​​as thieves? Seaman's Condemnation

Encouraged by the recognition of the state party in this election, we are determined to capture the ruling power of the state in the assembly elections of 2026. My revolutionary greetings and heartfelt love to all the Tamil natives who cast 35,60,485 valuable votes in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and made our Tamil Party emerge as a great political power, our admirable people, our brothers and sisters who stood in the field as candidates, our dear relatives who supported us all, our brothers and sisters who gave their lives and worked hard. I will inform you. mentioned.

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