‘O Solriya Mama’ which came at the time of affair; I didn’t do anything wrong

Samantha, one of the leading actresses of South Indian cinema, has opened up about her divorce and the opportunity to dance for the song “O Solriya Mama” which she danced in Pushpa became a super hit.

A few years ago, South Indian cinema’s leading actress Samantha and Telugu actor Nagachaitanya fell in love and got married. Later, the two divorced due to differences of opinion. At that time, the movie ‘Pushpa’ was released and became a huge success. This movie cost Rs. It made a record by collecting more than 400 crores.

Starring Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandana and Faqat Basil, the movie ‘Pushba’ was released in all languages ​​and received great response from the fans. Apart from that, the song “O Solriya Mama” featured in the movie Pushpa became a celebration for the fans. “O Solriya Mama” is popular in all languages. Actress Samantha danced to this song in the film. Samantha’s dance was a huge hit with fans.

In this case, when the song “O Solriya Mama” became a super hit, actress Samantha opened up about her divorce and the opportunity to dance for that song.

Actress Samantha said: “When the song Oo Solriya came to me, my family, relatives and friends all told me not to act in it. Because that was when I announced the divorce. Why should I deny it? I didn’t do anything wrong. I gave my 100 percent in married life but it didn’t work. Why should I associate divorce with acting in Oo Solria.” Samantha spoke

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