Ooh! Is this why Brahma is not worshiped?

Brahma-In this article you will find the reason why Brahma does not have temples.

Brahma Temples:

Hinduism says that Lord Brahma created all the living beings in this universe. Only a few places have a temple for such a famous Brahma.

There is a Brahma temple at Pushkar in Rajasthan and Tirupattur in Tamil Nadu.

Someday we will think why Brahma is not worshiped, 3 reasons are given for that, we will find it in this article.

First reason:

Brahma has four faces and four arms and having so much power, he decided to perform a sacrifice for the evolution of the earth. To confirm it he illuminates a lotus flower at one place.

The lotus fell at Pushkar in Rajasthan. Preparations were made to perform the yaga there. As his wife Saraswati did not come on time for the yaga, he married a woman there and engaged her in the yaga.

Knowing this, Saraswati got angry and cursed that henceforth you will not have a temple on earth. But according to the request of the gods, Saraswati Devi said that there will be a temple for Brahma only here.

Ooh!  Is this why Brahma is not worshiped?-oneindia news

Second reason:

Brahma and Vishnu were once arguing about who is the greatest among them. Then Lord Shiva came there and said that the one who sees his Thirumudi and Thiruvadi is the greatest.

Brahma goes to see Tirumudi and Vishnu goes to see Thiruvadi, and Vishnu confesses to Lord Shiva that he is unable to see it even after many years.

But Brahma tells Lord Shiva to lie that he has seen him with a flower that fell from his head due to his arrogance. When Lord Shiva also lied, Lord Shiva got angry and cursed Brahma who was selling the flower.

He curses Brahma that he will no longer worship you on earth. He curses Thalam Poo that you will no longer be of use for puja and that snakes will inhabit your place. This is also said to be a reason

Third reason:

When Brahma created the universe, he created a woman named Sakharupai. She was so beautiful to look at that Brahma, mesmerized by her, turned his gaze on her. The woman turned in several directions to hide her face.

Brahma also creates each head for each direction. A total of four heads are formed. Another head emerged as the fifth, which Lord Shiva cut down.

Lord Shiva curses you that you will not have any temples in the world after you have become infatuated with the appearance of your daughter.

It is for these three reasons that Brahma is said to have no temples and no worship.

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