Our family traveled by car for 10 years..! Actor Sundarrajan’s wife talks..!

Sundararajan, a famous film director, character actor and screenwriter in Tamil cinema, started his screen journey in the 1970s.

He continued to act as a character actor in various hit films. He made his directorial debut with Sinthiya Rattam, which was released in 1997.

Films Directed by Actor Sundarrajan:

He has directed several hit films including The Journeys Never End, That Night Has No Witness, Sanctuary, Sleepless Eyes, Naan Tum Song, Vaidegi Akhtaal.

Also, he has directed various movies including Kungumachimhil, Sugamana Ragagal, Amman Kovil Pishkale, Mella Apattu Dooor, En Jeevan Patudu, Kalahu Yum Neye Malayum Neye Swayaamvaram, Kaala Allam Kathirupen, Seethanam, Gandhi Nadu Man, En Aasa Machan.

He also acted as an actor and was seen as a popular actor. Especially, his role was seen as very important in films like Kuselan, Periya Idathu Mappillai, Sithupakkam, Periya Anna.

Meanwhile, Sundarrajan married a woman named Rajeshwari. They have two children Ashok Deepak.

His wife, who worked as a dubbing artist, has voiced for various films.

At a time when Badu was busy with successive films. In a recent interview, he shared some interesting information about how his life was.

Wife Interview:

My husband and I were very busy working in cinema. I became a dubbing artist. I was working from studio to studio without even having time to sit down.


He also continued to act in films. We were almost working so much that we didn’t even have time to meet together.

He will go shooting in a month. Pollachi, Coimbatore, many places like this, he keeps going to shoot in different places.

I was also moving up and down from studio to studio as a dubbing artist.

After a month or two, he would come and ask the people at home where I am, and if I was in any studio, he would take a car and come straight to the studio.

sundharrajan 2

For 10 years we have had a family in Kari:

We used to talk in the car for 10 years. Almost a month later, we will talk about everything in the car, children, income, money to support the family.

He would have to board a flight that night for the shoot. This is how our life was for almost 10 years we were traveling by car.

Sundarrajan’s wife, a famous character actor, has said in an interview that both of us were busy working while we were at peak.

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