Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the glory of the north

The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Carmel in July. Holy Utteryam is given to us as the bastion of faith of Our Lady of Carmel. There are many miracles through it.

Mount Carmel is the highest mountain near the Mediterranean Sea in the western part of the Holy Land of Palestine. Beautiful verses are written in the Bible about this mountain on the coast. Its beautiful peak has the special name of “garden” or “planted vineyard” in Hebrew. Prophet Elias and after him Elisha used to stay on this mountain and performed many rare miracles through prayers and penances. There was a monastery belonging to the Congregation of Carmel in Cambridge, England. The head of the congregation was Saint Simonstock.

On July 16, 1251, he sought the shelter of the Mother of God and prayed with devotion. At that time, Mother Mary appeared to him carrying a uttriyam in her arms.

He looked at him and said, “My dear son, accept this Uttariyam as my reward and a token of victory. Whoever dies wearing this will escape eternal hellish punishment. It is a symbol of protection, a symbol, a shield in times of danger and the beginning of my help.” They said that.

In the year 1301, the 22nd year of Uttariyamatha, the Blessed One had a vision in a dream and if the Uttariyasabhaya wearing Uttariyam died and went to Uttarikarasthalam, I will rescue them as soon as possible. said. And on the first Saturday after death they will be freed from that place.

Not only the congregation of Carmel, but all those who wear her order will benefit from the help of Our Lady of Carmel. Instead of Uttariyam, you can wear Uttariya Shurupam. This devotion helps us to live as wise children of Moksha Rakini. It is a great privilege to follow the Holy Virgin and live as holy as her and openly show that we belong to them.

Let us also protect ourselves from the devil by wearing the holy uniform. It is a blessing that Uttariyamata will protect us at all times.