Thanni actor who got permission from the beautiful director and enjoyed the meth meth actress..!

Adjustment in cinema is increasing in the coming times. In the past, even if there were adjustment problems or fake relationships in cinema, it was not widely known.

But now due to the development of social networking sites, this type of news has started to become popular among people. Moreover, many actresses enter the cinema by agreeing to the adjustment.

There is talk of actresses writing consent to adjustments on their resumes. To that extent adjustment matters have become commonplace. In this way, the matter that happened between Thanni actor and Meth Meth actress is being talked about a lot.

Thanni Actor’s Dressing Room:

All the actresses are afraid if Thanni is an actor. The Thanni actor, who is a popular actor who has acted in various languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, is always under the influence of alcohol.

However, he had a unique image among his fans. There was such a market that even if he appeared in a scene, whistles would fly. At one point he fell ill and did not even know where he was.

Currently, only information is available that he is spending his last days at his daughter’s house in America. Sources in the know say that there are no actresses who have not experienced this type of water, and there is no horse that has not been ridden.

But there are some actresses who do not agree to the desire of the Thanni actor. The most important of them is the Methu Methu actress. Although the Methu Methu actress also had a crush on the Thanni actor, she refused to cooperate with the above rumours.

Meth Meth Actress Policy:

What is the reason.. Meth Meth actress does not like to see people drinking alcohol. It is noteworthy that this meth meth actress suffered various atrocities in her childhood due to her father’s alcoholism.

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He himself has recorded this in various interviews. The Meth Meth actress, who has said in some interviews that her father misbehaved with her without even looking at her young daughter who was under the influence of alcohol, hates men who are under the influence of alcohol or men who are addicted to alcohol.

But Thanni had a special respect for the actor and a crush on him. Once the Thanni actor has directly approached the above media. Then Meth Meth actress Thanni gave an offer to the actor who did not refuse it.

Actress Condition:

Accordingly, you should stop drinking alcohol ten days prior to the said Samachars. Not only that, there is no need for a salary for a contractual film. Instead, you have to pay a kilo of gold.

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He said to talk to the director about this. Thanni, who had been longing for a long time, gave the actor a jackpot and gave one kilo of gold in the hand of the Meth Meth actress.

The thanni actor is enjoying the meth meth actress after getting permission from the beautiful director and not drinking alcohol for ten days. The good thing that happened in this is that the Thanni actor, who did not drink alcohol for 10 days, gave up the habit of drinking alcohol after that.

It is because of that that he is walking till now. Otherwise he would have died of drug addiction in the 90s, informed sources say.

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