Our mind goes somewhere else.. Anjali eating fruit in public.. Netizens participating..!

Actress Anjali made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema through the 2010 Tamil film Kattatu. There is a saying that usually white actresses get more opportunities and reception in cinema.

But actually fans don’t like actresses based on their color and actress Anjali is an example of that. Initially, actress Anjali didn’t even have much make-up done on her in movies like Kattatu Tamil Angadi Teru.

Film Opportunity:

However, he developed a fan base. After that, Anjali became a well-received actress in Tamil cinema. After that he got many opportunities in Tamil cinema.

Anjali acted in movies like Ko, Mangatha, Engyum Vaami, etc. The movie Anywhere Always got him a good reception. Actor Jai acted opposite her in the movie Engeum Kavemi.


Many people watching the film enjoyed the portrayal of Jai, who is very innocent, with Anjali, who is a little more open type. After that, Anjali started getting opportunities.

Tribute to next level:

But after a point Anjali’s opportunities started to dwindle. As far as Tamil cinema is concerned, it is a very difficult task for an actress to maintain the market for a long time.

Only a few actresses have made it possible. In this situation, Anjali took to glamor to maintain the market. But because of his obesity, the charm did not take him that much.

anjali 4

Even though Anjali danced in catchy songs in movies like Singam 2, Kalakalappu, it was not well received due to her weight. After this, Anjali lost weight and again started dancing in Telugu cinema in catchy songs.

Now those dances have started getting good response and following this, Anjali is currently getting opportunities in both Telugu and Tamil movies.

In this situation, Anjali has acted in a scene like eating a peeled banana in a movie. This scene is currently going viral. Photos of it have been circulating on the internet.

Netizens who see it are commenting on the photo saying that our mind must go somewhere else.

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