People who put their hands on the place where they found in the crowd.

Actress Mamita Baiju, who has appeared in Tamil and Malayalam films, made her debut in the 2017 film Sarvopari Balkaran.

He hails from Gidankur in Kottayam district of Kerala. She completed her schooling in Marymount Public School and her college studies in Kochi and is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Actress Mamita Baiju..

Mamita has acted not only in films but also in short films and has held a special place in the hearts of her fans. The film Premalu released this year in the Malayalam film world brought him a huge success.

Not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil, he has a large number of fans and has acted in the movie Rebel with GV Prakash. However, none of the films gave him good reception.

And it is not a new thing that many actresses who can act in movies attend promotions, store openings etc.

Actress Mamita recently attended VR Mall in Chennai for the opening ceremony.

Mamitha Baiju 1.avif

He put his hand where he found it..

Mamita got stuck in the crowd of fans due to the lack of proper security at the opening ceremony of this VR Mall store where tens of thousands of people had gathered.

In this situation, some miscreants in the name of fans wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and their hands were not placed on Mamita. Due to this, actress Mamita was in a dilemma.

Also, the video of Mamita, who was distressed by some people who showed their handprints at a time when the police did not know what to do as the crowd was too much to control, is currently spreading on the internet.

The video is spreading like wild fire..

Mamitha Baiju 3.webp

Currently, the video of Mamita Baiju, who was suffering from the actions of the people in the crowd where she was caught, is spreading like wildfire on the Internet, and the fans have continuously watched it and turned it into one of the most viewed videos on the Internet.

And fans who have seen the video have realized the need to take proper safety precautions when visiting famous actresses.

Therefore, they have requested to understand that it is necessary to take precautionary measures to prevent such mistakes from happening in the future.

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