Power Shutdown In Thanjavur, People of Thanjavur Beware! Power cut in important places tomorrow!

Power Shutdown In Thanjavur People of Thanjavur Beware Power cutDue to maintenance work in two sub-stations in Thanjavur district, it has been announced that there will be power outage in the main area.

Maintenance work
Monthly maintenance work is to be carried out tomorrow (12 June) at Vallam, Min Nagar sub-station and Eichangottai sub-station in Thanjavur district.

power cut
Therefore, the Electricity Board has announced that there will be power cut from 9 am to 5 pm in the areas receiving power supply from this sub-station.

Locations where power outages occur
Min Nagar, Vallam, Chennampatti, Echangottai, Madhuvur, Suriyampatti, District Vallundampattu, Marungulam, Kollangarai, Vengairayangudikadu, Kovilur, Samipatti, Vadakur,
Poiundarkottai, Bachur, Chellambatti,

It has been announced that there will be a power outage in the villages of Thardiyur, Madigai, Mela Ulur, Keela Ulur, Ponnapur East, Ponnapur West, Kattur, Azhiwaikal, Vandaiyariruppu, Panchanadikotta and surrounding villages.

Alternate arrangement

The Power Board has advised the public to make alternative arrangements in case of power requirement.

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