Precautionary arrangements are intense regarding the southwest monsoon!

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A review meeting was held under the chairmanship of Minister of Finance and Human Resource Management Thangam Tennarasu regarding precautionary measures regarding southwest monsoon.

According to the advice of the Chief Minister, Hon’ble Minister of Finance and Human Resource Management Mr. Under the leadership of Thangam Tennarasu today (07.06.24) at the head office of Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation, Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Rajesh Lakhani, EAP, Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Green Energy Corporation Mr. Anish Shekhar, E.A.P., Joint Managing Director (Finance) Mr. A video review meeting was held with Vishu Mahajan, EAP, Director/Division (MCO), all Zonal Chief Engineers and all District Superintending Engineers of Power Distribution.

In this review meeting, the Honorable Minister made a detailed review of the maintenance and project work being carried out in 44 power distribution circles in 12 zones regarding the precautionary measures to be taken on behalf of the electricity sector to face the upcoming South West Monsoon.

GST The demands made by the Tamil Nadu government in the meeting!

Due to increased heat in Tamil Nadu this year, the power demand of the state has increased and on 02.05.24 the power demand of the state reached a new high of 20,830 MW, which is the highest ever in Tamil Nadu. In particular, Chennai’s peak power demand has soared to an all-time high, reaching a new high of 4,769 MW on 31.05.24. Even as the state’s electricity demand has reached an all-time high, the electricity generated by the Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation’s power plants has been met without any shortage through the external power market, power transmission and short-term contracts. He also examined the state’s electricity demand and electricity supply without any gap, uninterrupted and uniform electricity supply across the state.

25,46,634 integrated transmission works have been carried out in Tamil Nadu from 01.04.2023 to 05.06.2024, out of which 86,508 damaged poles have been replaced, 53,844 poles which were leaning have been repaired, 38,546 poles have been inserted 4,924 Weak insulators have been replaced at places, poles bearing wires have been renewed at 69,337 places, besides about 1,137 km. Old wires have been replaced with new ones.

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The following important aspects were discussed in detail in this study meeting. The maintenance work to be carried out to meet the distribution of electricity in the upcoming South-West monsoon and to provide rain was studied, it was advised to complete the work of electrical maintenance such as replacement of damaged electric poles, replacement of low-lying electric cables, repair of damaged electrical distribution boxes etc. It was advised to find out in which areas the transformers are overloaded and take immediate action including upgradation of transformers and installation of new transformers.

So far in Chennai and its surrounding areas, pillar boxes have been raised to a height of one meter above the ground level. Out of 4,194 transformers identified as overloaded and undervoltage, 2,550 transformers have been installed so far, decentralized and provided with balanced power. Additional installation of remaining 1,644 transformers is in progress.

The Hon’ble Minister directed all District Supervising Engineers to ensure that power consumers are informed in advance through Short Message Service (SMS) during scheduled power outages for maintenance work. As a precautionary measure to face the upcoming monsoon, he directed all the Chief and Superintending Engineers of the Power Distribution to identify the integrated maintenance works to be carried out this year and complete them expeditiously. According to the order of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the Hon’ble Minister has asked all the officials of the Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation to take all measures to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the people of Tamil Nadu.

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Availability and demand of power supplies and provision of uninterrupted power supply to consumers were advised to promptly address the occurrence of power outages. To take proper action on the complaints received from electricity consumers with special attention to carry out proper maintenance work on sub-stations, transformers and pillar boxes which may be in Chennai and surrounding suburbs and also to carry out proper maintenance work on other sub-stations, transformers and power lines all over Tamil Nadu. He also asked the officers.

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