Pregnancy before marriage.. Fight with father-in-law.. Manjima Mohan opens his mouth for the first time..!

Actress Manjima Mohan, whose hometown is Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is seen as a popular actress by acting in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films.

She first acted as a child star in Malayalam films and later became a heroine.

Manjima Mohan:

Especially in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Manjuma Mohan acted as a child star in many films.

Manjuma Mohan had said that even though she was interested in acting since childhood, she had no confidence.

However, he continued to act in films for his dream and ideal and was seen as a popular child by acting as a child star in various Malayalam films.

After that she made her debut as a heroine in the Tamil film Accham Eh Madamaiyada.

She acted opposite Simbu in this movie. The first film was seen as a huge hit and Manjuma Mohan’s performance was appreciated by many fans.

Introduction as Heroine:

Fans commented that her bubbly good looks, her acting, and the pairing of Simbu in Bullet was a perfect pairing.

Actress Manjuma Mohan was honored with the Best Debut Actress award for the film as she won over fans from all walks of life in the very first film.

As well as following it. He has acted in movies like Ipappa Vellum, Satriyaan, Devarattam, Tughlaq Darbar, Kalathalil Sansandom and FIR.

She fell in love with actor Gautham Karthi, who acted with her as the hero in the film Devarattam.

manjima mohan 3

Later, they were secretly in love for a few years and got married in 2022 with the consent of their parents according to the Kerala system.

Many criticized Manjuma Mohan’s obesity after her wedding photos and videos surfaced on the internet.

Apart from that, many criticized and shamed her as she was not a suitable pair for Gautham Karthi.

Pregnancy before marriage?

In this case, in a recent interview about his bad experiences. He has openly talked about how he was hurt by netizens.

I mean, I was pregnant before marriage. There were false reports that my father-in-law was not interested in marriage.

manjima mohan 1

This news hurt my entire family. Apart from that, many people criticized my body badly saying that I was not a suitable pair for Gautham Karthi and it was very difficult for me.

See married couples posting wedding photos on social media. I feel like posting romantic photos like them.

But from the day our marriage announcement came out, they started trolling us badly.

This gave me great grief. So even when I speak now, I speak with attention, Manjima Mohan said with great pain.

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