Premji married with 20 years difference..! Ganga Amaran who did not invite his brother..!

Born in 1979, Prem Gangai Amaran at Premji Amaran is a versatile actor, music composer, lyricist and singer in the Tamil film world.

He has acted in comedy roles in most of the Tamil films. Not only did many people enjoy watching his performance, we can say that he has a separate fan base in Tamil Nadu.

Actor Premji..

Actor Premji made his acting debut in 2006 in the Silambarasan-starrer Vallavan and earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of Seenu in Venkat Prabhu’s debut directorial Chennai 600 008.

After this, he showed a classy performance in the movie Saroja and received appreciation from many people.

Premji married difference at the age of 20..

Premji, who is almost 45 years old, has never married and has been single till now.

premji 2 1

Following this, his recent marriage took place and the photos and videos spread rapidly on the internet.

Ganga Amaran’s brother Ilayaraja did not attend the wedding ceremony and his son Yuvan Shankar Raja did not attend the wedding, which sparked various controversies.

There are various mixed reviews about Ilayaraja, a music composer, what kind of person is he? Are you bad? As it has arisen in many phases.

Ganga Amaran who did not invite her brother..

After this, the questions arose whether Gangai Amaran did not invite his brother Ilayaraja and also whether the fight between Gangai Amaran and Ilayaraja is still going on? Begged the question.

premji 3

On one occasion when Ilayaraja’s wife died, Gangai Amaran had taken the body and ate it with his own hands, and when he went to Ilayaraja’s house to see his sister-in-law’s face for the last time, Ilayaraja prevented him from entering.

After this, even though Bharathiraja fought so much, Ilayaraja left Ganga Amara without his heart, the incidents are currently being talked about on the internet.

Did he not come to the wedding because of such resentment? They are raising questions.

gangai maran vairamuthu

Anyway, the fact that he has crossed the age of 45 and is now married to a woman who worked in a bank in Chennai has made many people happy.

After this, the wedding in the Murugan temple in a very elegant manner in the presence of friends and relatives has come out as videos and many people have been congratulating and congratulating him on his marriage.

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