Purinjavan Pistachio..! Check out Bigg Boss Raisa’s answer to the question “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Actress Raisa Wilson is one of the few celebrities who became famous among the masses through Bigg Boss. Initially, there was no expectation among people about him. But when the show Bigg Boss started in Tamil, many of the participants in its first season were well received by the people.

That’s because the show was so popular. Everyone who participated in the first season is now famous in one way or another because people have never seen a show like that before.

Screen Chance:

Bigg Boss show was the main reason for actress Raisa to get an opportunity in the film industry. Actress Raisa Wilson made her debut as a supporting character in Undergraduate 2.

But her first film as a female lead was the romantic movie Pyaar Prema. Sindhuja’s character in the movie was well received. Harish Kalyan starrer Raisa Wilson was a bit more attractive in this movie.

After this, her fans watched the movie for Raisa Wilson. Subsequently, he got an opportunity to act in a few films in Tamil cinema like Sagittarius Neyarele, Verma, FIR.

Interview Answer:

In general, it is difficult to get continuous opportunities for heroines in cinema. They will have to fight a lot for that. Raisa Wilson started losing chances little by little in that way.

raiza wilson

In this situation, he often gives interviews and posts photos on Instagram. Recently, a fan on social media asked him whether he is a boy or a girl.

raiza wilsonn

Raisa Wilson who answered this question answered that I am a cat. Many people do not understand the meaning of this answer, but the netizens who are replying about this have said that they understand and put it as pistachio. Tell me in the comments if you understand what it is.

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