‘Red Pigs’ apologize publicly

Savukku Shankar | Felix Gerald: “The Red Pigs do not agree with the controversial speech by Chavku Shankar and it is not the opinion of the Red Pigs. However, the Red Pigs apologize to women police officers who have been upset by the video.” said Jane Felix, General Manager of Red Pigs Media and Felix Gerald’s wife.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, “On 30.04.2024, editor Felix Gerald of Red Pigs Media interviewed Savukku Shankar on the topic Why Savukku Media is Targeted? The controversial comment made by Savukku Shankar about women working in the Tamil Nadu Police Department is Savukku Shankar’s opinion and not that of Red Pigs Media. Not an opinion.

Red Pigs media values ​​women’s dignity and self-esteem very highly. The controversial comment made by Chavku Shankar has caused great grief to the women working in the police department.

Therefore, Red Pigs Media sincerely apologizes for airing the video. “The controversial video has been made ‘Private’ so that no one else can see it because of the pending case and the need for a police investigation,” said Jane Felix.

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