Secret marriage with an old man.. The brutality staged in the pujayaara.. The main point that ruined Kanaka’s life..!

Actress Kanaka made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema with the 1989 film Karakattakkaran. Kanaka, who has a film background, had a desire to make it big in the film industry right from his school days.

Kanaka on screen:

After that, Kanaka, who was looking for an opportunity in Tamil cinema, was given opportunities by director Gangai Amaran in the film Karakatakkaran. After the success of Karakatakkaran, which ran for 400 days, Kanaka started getting more and more opportunities.

But what happened to Kanaka in real life, who disappeared from the cinema after a while, was a matter not known to many. Kanaka retired from cinema after 2000 and used to read in a house in Raja Annamalaipuram area of ​​Chennai.

Single Life:

Kanaka lived alone due to high stress and love failure issues. Even his house is said to have fallen into disrepair without any maintenance for years.

It is said that at this stage Kanaka had only one assistant and he took care of all the work. Recently, little Padmini had posted a photo on her X site about this.

Secret Marriage:

In which he was seen in the photo along with Kanaka. Little Padmini, who posted it, had posted that she was happy to meet her beloved sister Kanaka today, after which the journalists met Kanaka.

Then the warrior Ranganathan also went to meet him. Actually it is said that Kanaka is living such a lonely life because of the mistake made by Devika, his mother.

actress kanaka

Actress Devika has acted in many movies with N D Ramara. While acting like that, ND Ramara had a desire to become the Chief Minister. For that, when he went to Josiah and mentioned a certain zodiac sign, Josiah told him that if he marries a woman with that zodiac star, he can become the chief minister.

Life Problem:


At that time, Devika arranged a marriage with NTR saying that her daughter Kanaka was the star sign.

It is said that NTR has paid a huge amount for it and after that NTR has no right to call her his wife. There is a talk that this marriage itself took place by stealth.

So psychologically affected Kanaka was depressed for a long time. After that, athlete Ranganathan has said in an interview that he was in love with a man named Muthukumar from America and finally because he abandoned him, he is living alone.

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