Seeman reiterates dmk to quash neet as it won 40 parliament seats

Seeman reiterates dmk to quash neet as it won 40

Chennai: Naam Tamilar Party chief coordinator Seeman has insisted that the NEET examination should be canceled permanently amid complaints of irregularities in the NEET examination. Also, DMK, which has won 40 constituencies, is going to be amused by this? He also questioned.

In this regard, Seeman has said in a statement that: There were huge irregularities in the NEET exam held across India this year. Following this, the news that there have been huge irregularities in the grace marks given to the students appearing for NEET is shocking.

From the very beginning, Naam Tamilar Party has strongly opposed the deadly water test which destroys the medical dream of poor students in the name of eligibility test for admission to medical studies.

Nam Tamilar also led various protests demanding the permanent cancellation of the NEET exam. However, the Union Government of India’s refusal to cancel the NEET exam is nothing short of tyranny despite the fact that many students across India have died due to the mental stress of the NEET exam.

To top it off, it has come to light that there have been many irregularities and blunders in the current year’s NEET examination paper and a huge fraud has been committed in the grace marks given for it. DMK, which promised to cancel the NEET examination immediately after coming to power during the last assembly elections, has got 40 members in this parliamentary election. Through this, Seeman said that DMK should make constructive efforts to cancel the NEET examination by using its strength in the Parliament.

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