She is the one who kissed me on the lips for the first time.. Actress Laslia Open Talk..!

Born and brought up in Sri Lanka, actress Laslia, who started her media career as a show host, made her debut as a host on the show Good Morning Sri Lanka.

After this, he worked as a newsreader and will be hosted on Vijay TV in 2019. She participated as a contestant in three episodes of the mega-reality show Bigg Boss.

Actress Laslia..

As Bigg Boss is generally a platform for budding artistes, they are looking for many film opportunities so that they can realize their dreams soon.

In that way, Lostlia, who became popular with Bigg Boss 3, acted in the movie Friendship which was released in the year 2021 with actor Satish.

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It is noted that famous cricketer Harbhajan Singham has acted in this film. Laslia thought that after this film, new film opportunities would come.

However, new film opportunities did not come to him as much as he expected. Therefore, he who can be very busy on social media often wears colorful clothes and publishes pictures by conducting photo shoots for new film opportunities.

First kiss on my lips..

In that way, every one of her photos will spread virally among the fans and will make a huge impression on young actresses.

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After this, now he openly spoke that he was the one who kissed her on the lips for the first time, and it is spreading virally on the internet and the question has been raised that he is the person who gave the first kiss to Ada Lastlia.

Did he give it?

I was on foot with someone and it was with him that I had my first kiss. After that due to some problems both of us got separated.

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Now that she is married, actress Lostlia has talked about her first kiss experience in a recent interview and her speech is now going viral on the internet.

The kiss issue is currently taking the internet by storm as all the fans are sharing this with their friends.

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