Shocking post released by Madurai Muthu’s wife..! So.. is that information true..?

They say that if you laugh with your mouth open, you will get sick. There is no need to say much about comedians who can make us laugh out loud. In that way, the information given by his wife about the famous comedian Madurai Muthu through Vijay TV has caused serious shocks.

As the saying goes, there is a snake in a puzzle, and now the matter that has come out about Madurai Muthu, a comedian and bar speaker, is spreading rapidly on the internet.

Madurai Muthu..

Madurai Muthu is good at making people laugh. Many people enjoy his comedies and laugh heartily.

In that way, many people are frowning at the action of Madurai Muthu, who has a special place in the hearts of the people of Tamil Nadu.

This is because Madurai Muthu has gone through various problems and tragedies in his own life but never fails to make people laugh.

Shocking post released by Muthu’s wife..

And Madurai Muthu has fallen in love like everyone else. After this, he first fell in love with a woman named Lekha and married them, and they had two daughters.

madurai muthu 2

His first wife died on the spot in a car accident in 2016 after they were on a special wedding ceremony after the birth of their children.

Unable to recover from the loss of his first wife, Madurai Muthu did not marry again for a second time. After this, he married Neethu as his second wife under the pressure of his friends.

Not many people know that this second wife is a close friend of his first wife. The couple also has a son.

Is that true?

Meanwhile, Madurai Muthu’s second wife Neethu has been posting sad posts on her Instagram page.

In that post, he wants me to have a life. It must love only me. He has released a reel video saying that I should be happy for him.

madurai muthu 1

And the thing that can be posted with tears that every time I keep getting cheated is the thing that is currently being talked about among the fans.

After this, is Madurai Muthu’s second wife separated from him? Or will divorce happen between these two? As such, talks are currently being widely discussed.

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