Simbu and Yuvan were the Manjummal boys of that time! Suchitra threw the next bomb!

Chennai : Suchitra has stirred up another controversy saying that Simbu and Yuvan brought the cocaine culture.

Popular singer Suchitra’s name is currently trending on social media. Because he is participating in media interviews and telling shocking information about many movie celebrities. He is talking about Dhanush, Aishwarya Rajinikanth, Trisha, Karthik Kumar and many others.

In this situation, Suchitra Simbu, Yuvan Shankar Raja and Venkat Prabhu, who participated in an interview recently, has created a sensation again by talking about celebrities. Dhanush doesn’t like Simbu. But many people know that Simbu doesn’t like Vishal, but they party together.

The drug culture here was brought by wealthy householders like Venkat Prabhu, Simbu, Yuvan Shankar Raja. They were all like the Manjumal Boys once upon a time. Even if you go to the studio to sing songs, there will be drugs. I was very shocked when I saw all this there.

I really don’t like this. Suchitra said, “When I go to sing the song, I get angry when I see all that.” His talk about Venkat Prabhu, Simbu, Yuvan Shankar Raja is going viral. Similarly, earlier in an interview, Kamal Khan had said that if he throws a birthday party, there will be cocaine in a silver tambulam.

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