Stop the celebration… Kong. Note the function.! Karke talk.!

Delhi: Senior Congress leaders are holding a meeting in Delhi today regarding the Congress’ performance in the Lok Sabha elections and the next steps.

Although the results of the Lok Sabha elections gave defeat to the Congress party and the INDIA alliance, the Congress party won more seats than the last two elections and gave some hope. The Congress party, which was unable to get the opposition party status in the last two times, is going to sit in the opposition party status this time. The consultation is going on actively as to who will sit in the seat of the Leader of the Opposition.

Today in Delhi, senior Congress leaders and prominent Congress MPs attended a consultative meeting. Congress leader Mallikarjuna Kharge said, “After 2 elections, we are celebrating a renaissance. It should be suspended for now. While we are doing well in some states, our performance is not so good in some places. Even in the states that did well in the state assembly elections and formed the government (Karnataka, Telangana) the same could not achieve full success.

Each state should be consulted separately as soon as possible. Some reforms need to be done. We have missed opportunities in states that have favored the Congress over time. For our own good we have to effectively handle the correct practices.

Henceforth our action must be disciplined and united. It is because of our performance that people have reposed a trust in us. We need to improve it. Congress leader Mallikarjuna Kharge said in a meeting held in Delhi that we will humbly accept the verdict given by the people.

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