Super hit song after Communist party lost: MGR who didn’t miss it

Pattukottai Kalyana Sundaranar, a prominent poet who wrote songs on the society focusing on the country’s current affairs in Tamil cinema, after the defeat of the Communist Party in the election, A song sung by a boy in a pet shop to make him play later became a big hit in an MGR film.

With social responsibility, About Pattukottai Kalyana Sundaranar who is an expert in turning the true events of the country into songs, MGR who came to know through Veerappan, Tell me immediately if Pattukottai writes any other song like this, Veerappan also says ok and leaves.

One day after that, Pattukottai came to Veerappan’s room and saw everyone sleeping there, Why are you sleeping like this?, To say that you can walk a little to buy, Everyone is walking. Then when buying something in a box store, The guy who was there, to sleep, He told him in the form of a song that the brother who does not sleep does not sleep.

Even though it ends with this one line, this one line has become a song in the Communist Party office. 1957- The Communist Party suffers a crushing defeat in the elections. Major Communist Party leaders were defeated, Discuss the reasons for this failure, A party executive meeting is held. Pattukottai Kalyana Sundaram also participates in this meeting.

Although Pattukottai spoke to cheer everyone up in this gathering, He realizes that they have not recovered from their defeat. Pattukottai thought of singing a song to cheer them up, He takes a line he told the boy at the bar and sings it. That’s the song Don’t sleep brother don’t sleep. Don’t buy the name lazyThe song.

This song of Pattukottai inspired the Communist Party comrades, Hearing this song, Veerappan told MGR about it the next day, At that time, MGR, who had produced and directed Nadodi Mannan, a film made at a huge cost in Tamil cinema, He has used this song for his film.

Even today this song is well received by the fans, The film Nadodi Mannan became the landmark film in MGR’s film career. MGR changed the scenes for the song to include it in the film. Similarly, Pattukottai, who sang this song in the Communist office, had said that he would campaign for the party in the next election, but he died before the next election.

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