Surya Jyotika Kadhal. What did you say like this..!

There are countless star couples in the screen world. They fall in love with and marry actresses who have acted with them. There is no need to tell about Suriya and Jyothika who are the star couple.

While acting in the film Kakka Kakka, Jyothika and Suriya fell in love and got married after getting the consent of their parents after various risks.

Actor Surya Jyotika love..

Don’t say too much about Suriya who is one of the leading actors in the Tamil film industry. Although some of his early films were flops, he showed his incredible acting ability in the subsequent films like Nanda and Pitamagan, and today he has risen to become a leading actor.

His father, actor Sivakumar, who is a successor actor, was steeped in the culture of restraint. In that way, the fact that his son is against love in the beginning has gone viral on the internet.

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This is because they have been in love for more than four years and got married with the consent of their parents and now they have two children, one daughter and one son. And after marriage, actress Jyothika also started acting in films.

Father-in-law who indirectly attacked..

While actor Suriya and Jyotika were in love, actor Sivakumar did not accept his love in the early days. It is said that after four years he accepted and agreed to marry.

After this, in a recent interview to put an end to this opinion, actor Sivakumar has shared the matter of whether actor Suriya and Jyotika objected to their romance.

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Do you know what he said?

When actor Sivakumar talks about that subject, when he was the top star in cinema, I acted in more than 100 romantic films but I did not fall in love with all the hundred actresses in them.

However, when I heard that my son was in love with an actress, I was not only amused, but I did not object to their love, but I wanted them to be happy.

sivakumar 2

This news struck a chord with Suriya and Jyothika’s fans and shattered the idea of ​​father-in-law about Sivakumar, after talking about how long everyone will keep talking about it without understanding it.

It can be said that this matter is not only spreading rapidly on the internet but also becoming a talking point among the fans

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