Take off your clothes and show your body.. Andrea complains about the director..!

Actress Andrea was born and brought up in Chennai. In the early days, she worked as a playback singer in the screen world and also acted as an actress and held a place for herself in the hearts of fans.

In that way, one of the songs that he sang in the early days, Patti Tanki, which featured in the movie “Hunteru Phradu” became one of the songs that was heard everywhere.

Actress Andrea..

Also, actress Andrea made her debut in the Tamil film world after acting in the film Pachaikkili Muthucharam alongside Supreme Star Sarathkumar.

After this, he acted in the film Airathil Oruvan in 2010. This film was directed by Selvaraghavan. He showed a different performance in this film and his fan base increased.

And seeing his excellent performance, film opportunities came in Tamil. In that way, in 2010, he acted in the film Ayirathil Oruvan directed by Selvaraghavan.

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In that way, he got more film opportunities, he acted in the 2011 film Mangattha directed by Venkat Prabhu and also acted in the film Vishwaroopam and Vetrimaran’s Vadachennai along with Kamal Haasan.

Also, his songs like Kannum Kannum Nokia, Karka Karka, Sarasara, Malai Sama, Thiradada Ulath Pillai, Poojam Bhoomiya, Thirtaya Thirtaya are still humming lyrics among the fans.

Take off your clothes and show that body..

Andrea, who can be very busy on social media, stayed away from the world of cinema due to a failed romance. Now he has recovered from that failure and has started focusing on cinema again.

And he can often make his fans choke by posting different kinds of photos on his Instagram page.

Andrea 3 1

Now, in a recent interview, he has released sensational information about the director. in it I have missed a lot of movies. Also, I am ready to act in any way for a film opportunity. Want to get wet without wearing clothes for that? I am ready to act

Sensational complaint against the director..

But the scene must be essential to the film. I want the director to tell me what this scene is for.

But don’t say anything and think about wearing less. I don’t understand what it means to say that actresses look like that part

A director came to me and told me to lower your skirt and show your belly button. I don’t know why she had to wear so much clothes in that scene.

Andrea 4 1

I immediately asked him and he did not reply. Actress Andrea has said that I have left that film.

After this, this matter has become viral on the internet and all the fans are showing their support to Andrea as if to suggest that there is meaning in what Andrea said among the fans.

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